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HypE technical core


HypE, HP2's technical core, perform various hypoxia exposure on humans, rodents and cells in order to reproduce environmental, pathological and physiological conditions and study body adaptations or maladaptations to hypoxia.

HypE's equipment was specifically developed for the research.

The mask and hypoxia tent can carry patients and healthy subjects hypoxia exposure, and the basic science premises's exposure device enables experimental models (rodent and cell) exposure to the wanted hypoxia type:

  • continuous hypoxia, more or less acute, simulating oxygenic conditions at various altitudes, for instance,
  • an intermittent hypoxia, more or less grave, with the ability to switch FiO2 rate from 21% down to 5% once every minute, this is used to simulate a more or less serious sleep apnea syndrome,
  • normoxic control for every hypoxia exposure.

IBiSA labeled technical core :


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Submitted on December 20, 2023

Updated on December 20, 2023