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Sleep is the most consequently modified environmental factor through our modern societies evolution. The sleep apnea syndrome affects 10 to 15% of the global population, this pathology alters life quality and is also a major modulator of expression and other known chronic diseases gravity (such as hypertension, diabete, heart failure, etc.).

HP2's main research thematic touches on the understanding of cellular and molecular mechanisms causing cardiovascular and metabolic complications linked to sleep apnea syndrome.
Intermittent hypoxia is the source stimulus for most of the noxious consequences but our team also develops a knowledge about altitude hypoxia-linked adaptations and, more recently, about the moderate hypoxia exposure preconditioning role that would have a positive impact in chronic diseases care.

The union of basic science, altitude and exercise physiology, and clinical research expert scientists for the sleep apnea syndrome integrated care represent the specificity and the strength of the HP2 Laboratory. Our ambitions concern :

  • The production of an excellence knowledge about the sleep apnea syndrome and chronic hypoxia with integrated and multi-disciplinary approaches.
  • The support of a translational research and technologic innovation in order to make new therapeutic care available.
  • The follow-up and support of a new researchers and clinical practitioners generation around our interest thematic.
  • The active participation to an excellence ecosystem creation working with Grenoble health area great institutes (IAB, GIN) in order to increase the national and international attractiveness and legibility.
  • The societal impact through scientific information as well as a co-construction action for the research with patients and society.

Pr. Jean-Louis PEPIN

Submitted on December 19, 2023

Updated on December 21, 2023