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Master's degree

Our internship offers for the current year

The lab's hiring policy is quite flexible, we recruit in numerous master's degree programms and are open to new candidate profiles.

If you are willing to orient your education and formation choices on our scientific fields, HP2 is used to recruit trainees in those master programs:

In Grenoble :​

Master 1 MCB : Biology, specialty Molecular and Cellular Biology (en)

Master 1 IS : Health Engineering (fr)

Master 2 MCB PhEDD : Biology, specialty Physiology Epigenetics Development cell Differentiation (en)

Master 2 IS CHIP : Health Engineering, specialty Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacological Innovation (fr)

In Lyon

Master 1 BIP : Integrative Biology et Physiololgy (fr)

Master 2 BIP RCMN : Integrative Biology et Physiololgy, specialty Cardiovascular, Metabolic, and Nutritional Regulations (fr)

Master 2 BIP PICE : Integrative Biology et Physiololgy, specialty Integrated Physiology in Extreme Conditions (fr)

In Paris

Master 2 SM PIPC : Medicine Science, specialty Clinical and Pre-Clinical Integrated Pharmacology (fr)

Master 2 SM BPPRS : Medicine Science, specialty Biology, Physiology, Breathing and Sleep Pharmacology (en and fr)

Master 2 BS BVI : Health Biology, specialty Ageing Biology (fr)

Submitted on December 20, 2023

Updated on December 20, 2023